Trucks – their purpose and benefits

The purpose of flatbed truck is to transport different types of cargo. Each truck is structurally adapted to a specific type and volume load. However, the meaning of the word “truck” varies significantly in different countries. For example, in the U.S., this term means a heavy-duty vehicle much larger than a passenger car’s standard dimensions. In the U.K., pickup trucks and large cargo transport vehicles are also considered trucks.

On the European continent, the trucks category includes vehicles of considerable weight, often equipped with a semi-trailer. Vans weighing up to 3.5 tons used to deliver goods or passengers are also considered to be such trucks. In addition, dump trucks and construction equipment are also trucks.

Certain types of truck classification are adopted in different European countries. For example, in Germany, there is a particular type of truck whose mass does not exceed 7.5 tons. They are designed to deliver industrial goods and raw materials inside cities. In the European Union, vehicles with a gross vehicle weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes are considered “light” vehicles, while those with a large weight are considered “heavy” vehicles.

Main types 

As mentioned above, the classification of trucks can vary significantly from country to country. Trucks for sale are usually classified based on their total weight. At the same time, the vehicle is assigned its rating, GVWR. In the United States, such cars can be light, medium-duty, and heavy-duty.

Europe also has a similar division, but the main difference is in the GVW limits for each group. To correctly choose a commercial truck for personal needs, it is first necessary to consider how much it weighs. Weight is one of the main characteristics of the truck engaged in cargo transportation.

However, several other features distinguish these cars:

  1. Carrying capacity – the ability to carry loads no more significant than the specified weight. It can range from 0.5 tons for small vehicles to 15 tons for large-tonnage vehicles.
  2. Purpose – according to this feature, there are regular and special vehicles.
  3. Passability – can only be designed for well-maintained roads or cross-country travel.
  4. Wheelbase – the total number of wheels and the number relating to the drive.
  5. Type of fuel used. They can be on gasoline or diesel fuel or use gas or electric power for movement.

At the same time, vehicles transporting goods differ in the configuration of the body. It can be of closed or open type. An open truck can have a body in the form of a dump truck or an onboard platform. In addition, there are cars specially designed for transporting containers or other vehicles. Closed-body trucks have tilt-covered vehicles, refrigerators, isothermal structures, and vehicles specially designed for trading activities.

The best cars from proven dealers    

Today, more and more business participants in European countries need quality and reliable means of transportation at an affordable price. You can find a large assortment of new and used trucks of the most popular brands in Europe from reliable dealers on the Autoline website. The well-known marketplace offers visitors a comfortable search for the right truck and reliable and complete information about each truck model. Furthermore, there is a filter of goods according to essential criteria, thanks to which you can quickly find the right transport category.

If you want to choose the right truck for your activity, it is necessary to take into account the following:

  • the category of cargo to be transported;
  • length of haul;
  • the specifics of transportation and the state of the roads;
  • anticipated transportation costs.

The trucks of the best models offered in the Autoline service ads are impeccable. Each vehicle is fully compliant with the declared characteristics. Getting the necessary information from the vehicles’ sellers is always possible. Use the handy site search engine to find an option that fully meets your expectations!

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