Top 5 Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Indore

Education plays a vital role in society, especially for kids. That’s why parents are eager to find excellent preschools where their children can learn and grow. In Indore, the demand for preschool franchises is on the rise as more and more parents prioritize quality early education. This has led to many entrepreneurs looking into the Preschool Franchise Opportunity in Indore to help shape promising futures for youngsters.

But fret not! We’ve got you covered. We’ve gone the extra mile to research and select the five best preschool franchises out there. We considered factors like how easy they are to set up, the support they offer post-sales, their profitability, unique features, and their curriculum. With our comprehensive evaluation, you can now easily choose the perfect preschool franchise that aligns with your goals and aspirations, making the journey smoother for you and your little ones.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare

Footprints Preschool and Daycare is an outstanding choice for aspiring edupreneurs, offering an innovative curriculum and child-centric learning methods. In addition, this company emphasizes holistic child development strategies such as health and safety – earning it a high Net Promoter Score as well as an established track record.

To launch your own franchise, an initial investment of between INR 8-12 lakh should cover initial costs as well as equipment and furniture expenses. Furthermore, most franchising companies provide extensive training in terms of both pedagogy and operational knowledge.

Footprints Preschool and Daycare stands out by offering comprehensive support systems, an adaptable curriculum tailored to local demographics, stringent safety measures like live CCTV feeds and employing only female staff with background checks – helping parents feel assured their child(ren) are safe. Furthermore, admission guarantees can help franchise partners increase enrollment rates.

Little Millenium Preschool

India continues to prioritize early childhood education, creating an opportunity for entrepreneurs with an interest in caring for young minds to enter an emerging industry. Launching a Little Millennium preschool franchise may be one way of doing just this; but to be truly successful it requires careful planning, execution and the support of a reputable franchisor.

Start your journey today by visiting Little Millennium’s official website to submit an application and all required documentation. Next, choose an ideal location for your daycare center based on factors like proximity to residential areas, safety concerns and accessibility – taking into account proximity, safety and accessibility considerations as you choose a site. Upon having secured this location, ensure compliance with local zoning regulations as well as procure all applicable permits – Little Millennium can even assist in recruitment services so your staff are qualified and committed to their brand values.

As the owner of a Little Millennium play school franchise, your responsibility will be to create a safe, stimulating environment for toddlers. Training programs and marketing support will assist with this mission. In addition, leverage the brand’s reputation and expertise in order to help expand and grow your business successfully. Once you begin opening your Little Millenium preschool, promote it using digital strategies while engaging with local influencers and parenting communities for maximum exposure.


This preschool franchise has quickly become one of the most sought-after in India. Offering comprehensive curriculums to children between 1.5-5 years, they also provide pre-nursery, nursery, and UKG classes as part of the franchise package. They make an ideal opportunity for people passionate about education with strong business acumen who share this philosophy.

This company provides franchisees with numerous benefits, such as training and support to maintain high levels of service to their students. Furthermore, the company helps market their business in order to attract potential customers; such programs enable franchisees to expand their businesses and maximize profits.

Kidzee Preschool Franchise has an excellent track record. Their child-centric teaching methods and innovative curriculum make them a top choice among parents looking for quality education for their child. Available across more than 300 locations nationwide, Kidzee offers educational services for children aged 1.8-6 at low investment costs of Rs 12 lakh in Indore alone.

Purple Turtle preschool franchise has found tremendous success in India’s preschool industry over two years of operations. Parents appreciate its innovative curriculum and child-centric approach as an option, making Purple Turtle a fantastic choice. Purple Turtle’s franchise fee ranges between Rs 2 lakh and 5 lakh per franchise unit.

Appy Kids franchises require investments between Rs 12 lakh and 15 lakh to open them in your city, including franchise fees, initial investments, infrastructure costs and space requirements of 1000-1800 sq ft. With low royalty fees and reasonable returns on investments in educational sectors, Appy Kids makes for an excellent way to venture into new businesses.

Bachpan Play School

Preschool franchise businesses have proven to be safe and lucrative investments in India. Unlike many businesses, this investment opportunity does not require technical qualifications or previous experience for startup and operation; also there is no massive initial capital outlay or lengthy breakeven periods compared with other ventures. Furthermore, its fulfillment comes from helping shape children’s identities while contributing directly to shaping them for life!

S K Educations Pvt Ltd, India’s premier Preschool Education provider, boasts the BACHPAN Play School brand as their flagship brand. Their nursery schools focus on early development of children while providing structured learning in a fun and innovative manner – and as a result have become highly coveted chains with over 1100 schools nationwide!

Bachpan Play School franchise’s success can be attributed to its groundbreaking pedagogy, updated curriculum, modern infrastructure and advanced study material. Teaching methods at Bachpan Play School recognize that children’s early years are important milestones that should be nurtured carefully; this approach provides them with a firm foundation for future academic achievement.

Bachpan Play School also organizes trips and excursions for their students in order to expose them to all aspects of real world. Furthermore, special concept rooms enable hands-on exploration. Banks, railway stations and zoos provide experiences from diverse parts of society that enrich students’ knowledge.

Staff at this school is friendly and supportive, and its teachers possess high degrees of qualification and experience. Teachers strive to make learning enjoyable for their students, providing a high-quality education experience.


Kidzee preschool chain in India is an industry-leader, boasting an expansive network of playschools. Renowned for their educational programs and quality teaching methods, as well as strong community development initiatives and environmental concerns initiatives, Kidzee represents an exciting business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter into education sector.

Kidzee may have high franchise costs, but this company provides many advantages for franchisees. These benefits include training programs for teachers and employees that have been proven effective. Furthermore, Kidzee provides marketing support and guidance as well as low startup costs.

Appy Kids offers another promising preschool franchise option. Their business model relies on providing interactive videos that teach children various subjects through fun learning methods, with marketing focussing around social media and search engine optimization strategies as primary avenues. Furthermore, initial investments range between 12 lakhs-15 lakhs.

Investment in a preschool franchise can be an ideal way to break into the education sector. To make the best choice possible for yourself and your future, be sure to select a reliable brand with a solid business plan and proven track record, take into consideration whether or not you possess the necessary skillset, costing out the startup costs as well as its return on investment for optimal decision-making.


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