Interview Samsung Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Smarttag

An Interview With Samsung Fast Company VP Jaeyeon Jung

Whether you’re looking for something to keep track of your keys, your pets or your shopping bags, Galaxy SmartTag can help you locate them easily and conveniently. In this interview with Samsung Fast Company VP Jaeyeon Jung, learn more about how it works and what it can do for your life.

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Shop-Igniter Application

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag has a unique feature: it’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled. This technology makes the device emit a signal that lets users know where it is even if it’s in the dark or under a sofa. It’s like a remote control for your phone that you can use to locate an item when you need it most.

In an interview with Fast Company, Jaeun Jung, Samsung’s vice president of global hardware, explains how the new Galaxy SmartTag fits into the SmartThings ecosystem. It’s based on the same hardware and software as its predecessors, but it adds a lot more functionality.

It works with the Shop-Igniter Application, which continuously communicates with Galaxy SmartTags via BLE to provide real-time information on nearby products and promotions. It also helps consumers find product reviews and photos.

The Galaxy SmartTag can be attached to almost anything and it can scan a wide range of items, including garments, jewelry, food and household goods. When a consumer walks by one of these devices, the Shop-Igniter Application automatically receives information and can help the shopper make decisions about which product to buy.

Unlike other remote control gadgets, the SmartTag can actually talk to other objects, and it can also collect input from people who are near the object. It’s part of the Cosmic System, which uses sensors to gather data and share it with other devices in a network.

As of December, there were 66 million Galaxy SmartTags around the world. This is a huge number, and it’s likely to increase.

With the Shop-Igniter Application, shoppers can scan any object with a Galaxy SmartTag and get a range of data about it, including the price and other information. They can also take pictures of the item and share it with others.

The company raised $8 million in 2011 from Madrona Venture Group and Trinity Ventures. This round of funding will go towards building a social commerce platform that allows retailers to sell merchandise on Facebook. It also offers a number of other tools for social marketers to monetize their fan pages and fan engagement.

Cosmic System SmartTag

Samsung’s new Galaxy SmartTag Plus has a lot to brag about including its UWB (ultra wideband) based positional location tracking capabilities. It also is the first device to make use of augmented reality (AR) to display more accurate and granular data in the form of a virtual tour of your property and surrounding area. While a bit pricey, the SmartTag Plus is a worthwhile addition to Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem and an excellent example of how the company is reimagining the way we live and work.

Having slogged through the Galaxy SmartTag Plus’ nifty UI, I did have to wonder what other cool things it might be able to do. During my Samsung Galaxy Unpacked experience, I had the opportunity to sit down with Jae-Yong jung, VP of Hardware and Head of SmartThings Asia, for a round of tea and cake. He took the time to regale me with the most interesting questions he was asked by a harried press office at the event. During our lengthy chat, we managed to cover everything from the most important functions of the device, its impressive capabilities and what it is not.

Universe Show Tag

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag is a tiny, ring-shaped device that connects to your smartphone. When attached to a valuable item, the tag transmits BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) signals that allow you to easily track it. The green circle on your phone’s screen will get bigger and stronger as you approach the item, ensuring that you’ll find it if you lose it.

The Universe Show Tag – as a small but mighty device – has been around for years, but this year Samsung has upgraded its functionality and added new features. Essentially, the Universe Show Tag uses Bluetooth technology to send and receive data about nearby objects, and it can even display an augmented reality video. The system also allows you to take a picture of the object, and share it with colleagues and friends. The device even works with existing home automation devices to make your life easier – all you need is an app and a few simple configuration steps. Watch the video to learn more about the device and its capabilities. If you’re looking to add more intelligent devices to your home, click here for a complete list of available options and how they work.

System Savvy Tag

During our Interview Samsung Fastcompany Jaeyeon Jung Smarttag, we learned about how the System Savvy Tag can be used to help people track items and avoid losing them. It’s a compact, wireless device that can be attached to anything from a keychain to a backpack. Once it’s paired with a user’s smartphone, they can quickly find their lost item and keep it safe. This is especially useful for items that have to be returned to specific locations, like medical devices in hospitals and bicycles.

When a person loses an item, they can tap the ‘Ring’ icon on their Galaxy phone to activate a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signal. When they’re close enough to the item, a green circle appears on their screen that shows where the item is located. This makes it easy to locate a lost item, even if it’s hidden in a dark place or under a sofa. The application can also be used to take pictures and send them to colleagues or friends who might need to know where the item is. In addition, the application can also track data and audits on an item’s progress. This information can be used for process optimization and other useful applications.

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